Mig-15 & F-86 Sabre

Like no other watch Zviad Tsikolia has designed before, the F86 and MiG 15 inspired watches of the dogfight series embody that feeling. These two-amazing aircraft engaged each other over the skies of Korea in the 1950s - one the first Soviet fighter jet and the other the first swept-wing fighter built by the United States. The inspiration, as always with Tsikolia, is built in throughout the watch. The entire case is fashioned after the nose of each plane and the colors match the call signs of each as well. The crown protector is the same as the trigger cover on the respective aircraft. The color on this watch is painted on and not plated, specifically designed to chip so as to quickly look like it has been in battle with its namesake. The chapter indicators are pulled right from the cockpit instrumentation. Add to this that these models will use the brand-new Rondo R150 automatic Swiss-made movement, and these dogfighters will be like nothing else you put on your wrist.