The collection of the luckiest watches of Tsikolia, Seven for ladies is revived with the new models.


The company is happy to announce the restock of the most wanted and most feminine products in it’s history of existence. The collection is back with the novelties as in the design so in the functional parts.


The successful launch of SEVEN for men, gave the Designer the idea of creating the Ladies special edition. The Seven watch series by Tsikolia design embodies the driving spirit of its inspiration the Caterham and Lotus 7 racers.


Following the tradition of the lucky watches from mens’ collection, ladies’ watches became the bestselling timepieces as soon as they appeared on the market. 

Designer Zviad Tsikolia is happy to introduce the traditional stainless steel golden timepiece with absolutely new and stunning black dial. At first it may seem quiet rude and uncommon comparing to the white dial model. But the instant you go deeper into the details, it becomes your new favorite watch from ladies’ collection.

Apart from the fact that the crowns and hands are altered from the previous collection, the leather strap for the blue dial watch, has the new color variation. Closer to the new years spirit it appears to be sparkly and shiny than before, only more in a silver manner than in gold.


So the huge number of Georgian and international customers from the waiting list, will be finally delighted to meet their desired watch with the new designs and elements.

The collection will be available for sale at the Tsikolia boutique, in Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, Tbilisi.

Tsikolia Marketing Team