Zviad Tsikolia, an industrial and automobile designer, famous for his special designs for Russo-Baltique impression, consultant for PSA Peugeot, SAIC Motors, armored vehicle of Didgori and other industrial products in the international market.

His name is also connected with packing food products, bottles of alcoholic beverages, furniture, uniforms, bicycle, airplane and finally, wristwatches manufactured in Switzerland with the brand name of Tsikolia, the Georgian surname.

The designer drew attention at various exhibitions and contests. Today Zviad Tsikolia cooperates with the largest brands and he manufactures wristwatches of his own brand name in Switzerland. The watches are very popular and they are accessible in Tbilisi too. The main thing is that he has been working in Georgia.

The designer has a spouse Marina Khorava and two children: Buba, 16, and Iva, 15. Zviad Tsikolia like all successful persons frankly talks about his experience and visions in his interview with the Metronome. The designer has unveiled the secret of his success:

When recalling the roots of this history, you noted that you were interested in watches in the childhood. That’s why you have arrived in Switzerland, sealed an agreement and launched the business. Today, this history looks very simply, but what is the secret of your success? In similar cases people refer to fate, hardworking and many other factors. What do you think what factors have helped you in implementing your childhood dreams?

As to the fate, I think of it very little. It is difficult to make business relying on fate. You should subdue the business all around. You should curb and tame the business, not on the contrary. You should strive for the goal and you should not betray yourself, your love and interests. I recall my childhood as the period of my dreams. I started implementing my dreams after I turned adolescent.

What aspects have you led to the success? Consequently, what is the necessary condition to make  any product successful in the international market?

By the way, when I was starting the manufacturing of the wristwatches, I was frequently told it was very difficult to create something new in this business; I was told that the market was oversaturated by supply compared to the quantity of buyers and I was suggested to cease this useless undertaking.  However, I remained devoted to my idea and I was sure I could develop the design that would not leave people indifferent. This factor is interconnected with the Swiss quality and the price.

All these aspects bring due results. I create emotions, not only the time indicator. Today even ironы show the time, if we do not mention cellular phones.

What was your main objective when undertaking this business?

Give the Way, please! This was my objective in relation to the companies with 100 year history.

Please, describe the working process, even briefly. What time do you spent on the working process and what are your priorities?

I spent that period of the time that the working process needs. Sometimes, this is a very tiring process, because you have to think of many details like adjustment to the production and adjusting the price with the design.

All these factors take much energy, knowledge and time. Everything starts by inspiration. When inspiration comes, it makes you develop outlines, drawings and so on.

Why do you use aviation, automobile and maritime themes for inspiration? Does this aspect points to your interest in this field and why?

I think it would be surprising if I were interested in Barbie dollies or glaring costume jewelry, not in airplanes, automobiles and military equipment. Airplanes, vehicles and military equipment is the interest of all males, a major of part of males, and I am not an exception.

Watches manufactured in Switzerland with your own surname. Your future plans may be targeting higher tips. In general, do you plan stages for success in advance and is it a correct approach to the business?

To be frank, I would prefer that many watches be manufactured in Georgia. But this is more difficult than in Switzerland. This is my objective. I hope the economic environment and political situation will enable to fulfill this goal.

The goal is planned and then specific situation bring improvisation. The life looks like the jazz, does not it?!  The composition is familiar, but it is performed with improvisation…